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Established with the purpose of rendering best adventures like Trekking, Holiday Tours, Climbing, Cycling, Motor biking, Jungle Safari, Fishing, Cultural tour, Food tour, Student Social Work tour, Bunji Jump, Rock Climbing, Canyoning, Photography tour for achieving grandeur holiday experiences and lifetime memories within our short but exciting life span.

Company is motioned/run by the Team of professional tourism experts who have been working in the field for more than 15 Years. They are the Trek Guides, Climbing Guides, Tour Guide, Culture Experts, historian, Archaeologist and Office Management Staffs (Correspondence Officers, Operation Staffs, Management) etc. They are eagerly awaiting to share their knowledge and experiences, expertize to make your valued holiday beautiful and memorable of lifetime.

We are offering and operating our services like Trekking, Peak Climbing, Cultural tours, Jungle Safari, Cycling, Motor Biking and many other Adventure activities. We are providing our services from road accessible destination like Cultural Kathmandu, Lake City Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park to remote locale trekking destinations like Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, Manaslu Region, Dolpo, Dhaulagiri Region, Makalu Region, Ganesh Himal Region, Jugal Highlands, Rolwaling Valley, Kanchenjunga et cetera and Peaking Climbing like Lobuche, Mera, Island, Chulu, Gangchempo to Amadablam, Manaslu and Everest itself.

We are well known in Nepalese Tourism industry, specialized in creating meaningful outdoor activities like Himalayan route Trekking, Holiday Tour Packages, Hiking, Climbing, Safaris and various other adventure activities through focused on improving travelers experience and satisfaction. Our trekking team has more than 15 years route experience for leading in remote adventure, peak climbing expeditions, culture and nature. Our team is fully insured for the all trekking and climbing activities. We solitary aim is to provide you quality services at fair and competitive prices and excellent value for money.

Our team of professionals and highly trained government licensed field guides who are trained in first aid, trekking and mountaineering skills, environmental knowledge, art, archaeology and culture assures best customized services as well as perfect completion of your holiday dream with best safety measures and satisfaction optimization.

Our organization of services are not limited to Nepal only but also to the extended Himalayan Regions like Bhutan and Tibet.

You need reliable partner to success your holiday tour or trekking for returning with happy smiling face and to bring back home beautiful memories. You need a partner and best friend with a keen understanding of your rapidly evolving holiday tour and trekking requirements. You need a business partner with the enough resources, technological backups and expertise experiences to meet your or companyโ€™s progressive objectives.

With Everest Bodhi Adventures, you are partnering with a vigorous and experienced company who crafts solutions to fit your all travel needs. We assures that we respect environmental and cultural awareness and maintain sustainable business ethics and practices.

Group of experienced, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial trekking and tour leaders at your service.

We are headquartered in Kathmandu even so for addressing the utmost care, assistance and clarifications of our Valued Clients and our worldwide agents, our current New York,USA contact might be quite useful for breaking silence, creating trustworthy HOLIDAY EVEREST BOND.


Everest Bodhi Adventures Pvt. Ltd. cordially welcomes to any Travel Agency, Trekking Tour Company, Adventure Operator, and travel, trekking related persons to work jointly with us in this field.ย 

The company is established under Company Act 2053(1996 AD) and Tourism Act 2035(1978 AD)

Registration Number: 265212/078/079

Department of Tourism License Number: 2998/078

PAN Number: 610028757

Everest Bodhi Adventures P. LTD. is authorized by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the central bank of Nepal for the dealing with foreign currencies and transactions with foreign guests and overseas travel tour companies.

Type of Company: Everest Bodhi Adventures (P) Ltd. is an authorized Trekking, Peak Climbing, Tours and Travel Company licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal.

A cordial Namaste from the (Everest Bodhi Adventures P. Ltd.) we would like to introduce (Everest Bodhi Adventures P. Ltd.) as one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal. We are approved by the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, and are an active member of TAAN (Trekking Agents Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association and NTB (Nepal Tourism Board). Everest Bodhi Adventures P. Ltd โ€“ An esteemed trekking Company from Nepal is dedicated of providing service Excellency and sublime personalized service.

We are legally registered, reputed, reliable, experienced, genuine and authentic holiday, trekking company assured/committed for the safety of our guests and lifetime memory holiday experiences.


We also offer tailor-made itinerary for groups and individuals so that you can plan your trip according to your budget, interest and time.


We always organize separately for our agentโ€™s group or requested private groups, we do not mix with other groups or individuals. Those are our private individual or group trips. Hence, according to need and requirement, we design and organize both private personalized trip whether it is individual or your own separate group.ย 

Please mail us or call us directly for the private packages.

Beside private groups we also design and organize separate group joining fixed departure date trekking trip packages in regular intervals. These collective free participating groups are clearly mentioned separate group of individuals and we clearly mention it too.

These pre-planned group joining trips are wonderful platforms as people may face problem with finding companion, or budget issues or people wants to explore the new people and ideas in totally new world etc. Reasons might be many but for many people, these group joining trips are one of the very good platform to socialize with new people and new experience and knowledge..

Please mail us for the details to know about these group joining trips throughout the year or keep in attached with us/ following us.ย 


Weather and trekking season in Nepal, as in most other parts of the world, we have four different seasons, winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Each have distinct features and temptation.ย 

The mountains dictate the weather in the Himalayas. Nepal is the country of highest geographical variation. Geography of Nepal covers 50m from sea level to worldโ€™s highest point Mt. Everest 8848.86m, from sub-tropical Gangatic flat plain to extreme alpine tundra within the distance of 200km. Nepal not only covers the area of highest Himalayas and its southern slopes but to the north too beyond of highest Himalayas, a trans Himalayan parts, a part of Tibetan Plateau. There is three major ranges that flows from east to west in this region. Lower hill range Churia which rises up to 1500m, Mahabharat range that rises up to 4000m and Great Himalayan Ranges.ย 

Rain and Monsoon system are mostly depends upon these ranges of Mountains. This created different and numerous climatic zones within Nepal. Therefore Trekking and Tour can be done at any time of year, regardless of the weather. Because when there is extreme monsoon and hot in one region of Nepal, another region might be the best season to travel and trek.ย 

For example, Jul/Jul is the extreme summer time and monsoon too. Travelling in National parks of Terai would be bit uncomfortable but one can travel to Mustang region or other Himalayan regions too where less rainfall will be there and cool climate too. Likewise, during the extreme winter time, trekking in the Himalaya is closed because of cold and highest snowfall, but you can travel to Sub tropical national park zones of Nepal or Middle hill Kathmandu, Pokhara etc.ย ย 

Even though/ Therefore,

All season are suitable, you just need to choose the right region and the right season.

The Perfect weather for High Himalayan Adventure or Trekking season in Nepal for trekking, hiking, and high pass crossing, climbing activities recommended in March, April, May, and the mid of September to October, November through to December 3rd week. Especially for the trekking, hiking and Mountain Climbing activities.

Spring Season:

Trekking and Hiking Nepal March, April, and May

Spring is the best time to go trekking or hiking in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal in the spring Temperatures rise, weather patterns become more consistent, and flowers bloom.

In the spring, warm temperatures (800-2000m) are also common in lower elevation (800-2000m) regions. As the climbing season for Mount Everest begins, Everest Base Camp will be bustling with climbers with whom you might strike up a conversation. During the day, temperatures will range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Fewer trekkers on the trails than in autumn. Trekking in areas like lower Annapurna is more enjoyable. Temperatures are normally pleasant at heights above 4000m, allowing for cloudless skies and warm-weather trekking conditions.

Spring is one of the finest seasons for trekking and climbing in Nepal. In the spring weather and scenery is pleasing and beautiful. Itโ€™s the finest time to see rhododendrons in blossom and see the gorgeous birds. The Langtang Valley is another fantastic place to visit in the spring.

Summer season:

Trekking and Hiking Nepal June, July, and August

In Nepal, a long trek during this time is less recommended. Summer in Nepal brings monsoon rain and hot high temperatures and unfavorable weather. Summer in Nepal lasts from June till August. Very less travelers explore the Himalayas during this season and rainstorms makes routes slippery, wash away bridges and make public transportation dangerous and unreliable.

There are some excellent possibilities for trekking during the monsoon season too although not the best. Getting there in the summer can be difficult, you can do a short and easy trek during the monsoon Like Ghorepani Poon Hill, Ghandruk, Chisapani Nagarkot, more tours you can do.ย 

Or Upper Mustang Trek will be an excellent alternative. The terrain remains generally dry throughout the year. The Dolpo region (Upper and Lower Dolpo) is also a wonderful option for this time of year.

Autumn Season:

Trekking and Hiking Nepal September, October, and November

Autumn is regarded as Nepalโ€™s best trekking season. Excellent weather and grandeur view of tempting mountain vistas are available throughout this season. The weather is pleasing, that makes trekking and hiking memory of lifetime. The skies are typically blueish, and the views will take away your breath. Temperature is mild and peasant during the season and good trekking and hiking conditions. Recent monsoon clears up the pollution and dust of the air that brings clean breathtaking views.

However, if you begin too early, you may still encounter monsoon problems therefore once the weather calms, it will be safe to launch your travel/ trek, generally starting about the mid of September or similar dates. On the other hand, travelling too late of the season like from the beginning of December, temperatures can drop drastically.

Winter Season:

Trekking and Hiking Nepal December, January, and February

Winter in Nepal (December to February) is particularly snowy in Himalayan regions and very cold too. You need to dress warmly, and If the cold doesnโ€™t bother you, itโ€™s a fantastic season to trek to more popular short destinations. There will be significantly fewer people trekking and travelling but frequently amazing views.ย 

Mera Peak Climbing โ€“ Beginning Of Mountaineering Expeditions
Mera Peak Climbing โ€“ Beginning Of Mountaineering Expeditions
Suspension bridge in Nepal

Everest Bodhi Adventures offers Christmas and New Yearโ€™s Tours, hiking packages in Nepal for you.

During the December and January crossing high passes will be almost impossible because of extreme temperature drops and heavy snowfalls.

Just hit message or email to US, We will plan your holiday trip.


Adventurous trekking and tours will not be as easy as taking a walk in a park, there is a risk and to cover such risks, travel insurance plays a major role.ย 

Everest Bodhi Adventures proudly welcomes all travelers and adventure lovers. We are committed to provide best services for our clients. We emphasize to take the necessary precautions so that your holiday trip runs smoothly. However, as we all know many things are beyond the control of our limitations.ย ย ย ย ย 

Travel/ Trekking Insurance

Hence, we strongly advise our clients to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance package to protect against all medical emergencies. Mandatory travel insurance must cover enough protection for the whole tour including personal injury, medical expenses, helicopter rescue, adequate cover of baggage, air ambulance and repatriation expenses.

If you are making adventure trekking, make sure the policy covers activity up to 5000m. Emergency evacuations can cost up to USD 5000.ย 

Also, we request all our clients to take the rightful tour and trekking package by keeping in mind their health status, age factor, fitness level et cetera as some of the treks might be too challenging and demands superior stamina.ย ย 

Some Insurance Company options are:ย ย 

Tripmate USA, Life Card Travel insurance, AXA Travel Insurance, Travel Guard, Allianz Travel Insurance, World Nomads, Travel Safe Insurance, Travel Insured International, TIC Travel Insurance, Europe Assistance, RBC Travel Insurance, International SOS, Virgin Travel Insurance, Life Card Travel Insurance, Square Mouth, 1 Cover Travel Insurance, Big Cat Travel Insurance etc.ย ย 


High Altitude Sickness or Mountain Sickness can affect anyone depending upon the place where he/ she lives or travelled. Generally after reaching above 2500 meters, its effects can be seen. Altitude Sickness affects people regardless of age, sex, and fitness. If you are showing signs of mountain sickness, since your safety is our first priority, we will facilitate you getting down as soon as possible.ย 

We suggest prior to trekking to ensure you are in good health and have consulted with your GP. However, it is recommended prior to departing that walking training be done so you have the most enjoyable time while trekking. Please feel free to contact us.

Acute Mountain Sickness and Prevention.

Many people suffer from mild symptoms of AMS (ACUTE MOUNTAIN SICKNESS)

A light headache, loss of appetite, and disturbed sleep may occur when suffering from AMS. If you experience any of these symptoms do not continue to ascend. Instead, stay where you are or go down to acclimatize.

HACE โ€“ High Altitude Cerebral Edema (swelling of the brain)

HAPE โ€“ High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (fluids in the lungs)


Symptoms include

If mild symptoms go severe: Persistent severe headache, difficulty breathing, confused thinking, loss of appetite, rapid breathing or breathlessness at rest, vomiting, coughing up pink, brown or white sputum, the sound of liquid in the lungs, blueness of face and lips, severe lethargy (not wanting to do anything), persistent bubbling cough, or persistently increased heart rate (110 per minute)


  • Walk slowly, acclimatize and rest, listen to your body, do not exercise, donโ€™t travel to high altitudes too quickly, eat more calories, and pack plenty of healthy snacks. Including lots of grain.
  • Drink plenty of water โ€“ Drink a little, often. Staying hydrated is also important. (Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages) Stick to a plain diet, bread chicken soup, mushroom soup, and light meals, eat fruit โ€“ especially when crossing the high pass.


  • Cloves, Garlic, Himalayan Paper

So with mountain sickness and natural prevention, we can use garlic, cloves, Himalayan paper in the mountains of Nepal as well. Garlic helps to thin and flow blood in the body. Cloves also help the body use oxygen more efficiently.

  • Diamox

Medical agents for high altitude sickness. Diamox reported reviewers 80% positive effects and 20% negative effects.

To avoid mountain sickness; Climb high, sleep low.ย 

There is only rule/ medicine for mountain sickness, DESCEND, DESCEND AND DESCEND.


You must obtain visa to enter Nepal. You can get your visa stamp from the Nepalese embassy of your country or nearby.ย 

Or you can stamp visa at the airport or border entry points and you must pay in cash upon entry. So you will need to carry the fund with you. You will require at least six months validity and a full blank page in your passport as well as a passport-sized photo to obtain Nepalese tourist Visa.ย 

Current prices for visas are as follows:

15 Days โ€“ 30 USD

30 Days โ€“ 50 USD

90 Days โ€“ 125 USD

Note that the equivalent prices can be paid in currencies other than USD. For full details on getting your visa to Nepal, and to check whether your country has exceptions, you can visit this website.

Another provision of a visa system that you need to know about is the Gratis (Free) Visa for 30 days is available only for nationals of SAARC countries. However, for the extension of visas for SAARC nationals, the rule is the same as that of other nationals. It is to be noted that Indian nationals do not require a visa to enter Nepal.

When it comes to visa extension, tourists are allowed to stay for a maximum of 150 days in a visa year (Jan 1 to Dec 31) extending the visa at the rate of 3-5US $ per day. More precisely, a minimum amount of 30 US$ has to be paid for a period of 15 days or less.ย 

Every year so many travelers and tourists visit here in Nepal and explore more of this magnificent scenery of the beautiful country. Welcome to all ages tourist and explore and enjoy the beautiful Himalaya country, the country of Mt. Everest.

Your most reliable TRAVEL AND TREKKING companion.