Best Time To Visit Nepal For Trekking

Nepal is known globally as the home to the world’s highest peak in the world and a lot of people every year pursue tiresome yet adventurous trekking journeys there. The people you will come across during your trip will be one of the most friendly people you will come across in your whole life.Β  To enjoy your trip, the time you decide to visit is of the essence. It could make or break your experience, so you don’t need to take it lightly.Β  However, there is no single answer to what is the best time and the choice totally depends upon your personal preferences. Let's see how!  Weather Considerations  First off, February to May is a fairly clear season, and it is perfect for people who avoid chilly weather and freezing nights. The weather is the most stable during these months, which is the reason why a lot of beginner trekkers choose this time to trek.  The second period ranges from September to October with relatively colder temperatures. However, it’s not freezing and is easily bearable, especially when it comes to trekkers having a bit of experience.   The most unstable weather conditions approach in the months of November through January.… Read more