We all need some vacations to come back to work full of energy. You can do several things on your vacation. 

One of the best things is to visit the beautiful country, Nepal. Nepal possesses the world’s highest mountain of over 7000 meters which is not only home to the world’s most experienced and professional climbers but also a keeper of the beauties and majesties of nature. 

Some of you may be wondering that traveling isn’t cheap and costs a lot of money, fear not for listed below are the top 10 ideas through which you can travel in Nepal on an average budget while simultaneously enjoying yourself to the fullest. 


Most of the visiting places in Nepal are at great heights and usually require a lot amount of money while going via transportation. Hence trekking is the best solution to the problem. If you have sufficient stamina, this won’t be a difficult task for you. 

Moreover, you can enjoy it as well since the weather is also either normal or cold.

Using Busses 

Traveling in Nepal is quite costly. Most of the authorities are familiar with this issue and hence provide bus service to all the essential locations. The cost of buses isn’t much and ensures a pleasant journey as well.

Visiting National Parks

Nepal has some of the most beautiful national parks in the world with a wide range of animals and species. 

Some of them are only luckily found in this specific area and hence making it all the more worthwhile to visit. Among the parks, Chitwan National park is the best idea for this purpose.

Taking Short Flights within Nepal

While a lot of people can’t afford the budget for trekking since the gear for peak climbing is quite costly. 

However, you need not fret. Nepal has facilities for taking short flights of an hour or so over the Himalayan Mountains and in this way you can see the majesty of nature from the sky.

Locating Appropriate Accommodation 

Most of the places in the tourist areas are highly expensive and meant for rich people. It is much wiser to stay in a hotel some distance away from the main sites since these locations have a relatively low prices.

Securing Food 

As in the case of accommodation places similar is the case of food. Food found on trekking routes is much more expensive. 

Hence in case you are planning to go trekking an efficient step would be to make sure you have all the necessary food items already with you so that you don’t need to face any further financial struggles during the journey.

Visiting Temples 

Nepal has quite a several temples that attract a large number of archeologists and travelers from all around the world. The tickets are reasonable and not that expensive. Among the different temples, Pashupatinath is one most renowned and beautiful temples in Nepal.

River Rafting 

One of the many fun things one can do in Nepal is river rafting. Nepal’s rivers like the Bhote Koshi River are one of the best rivers for river rafting in Asia. It is a quite cheap and adventurous activity to do in Nepal.

Bike Riding 

An efficient way one can avoid spending extra cash is bike riding. Most of the areas in Kathmandu and Nepal are great for bicycling and provide a great journey. The only point is that one should not do it alone. Take a guide or partner with you are good to go.

Drinking-Water Precaution

This may seem odd, but in most areas in Nepal, tap water isn’t suited for drinking and can make you sick quickly. 

The water being sold is expensive and an efficient move to conserve your water resources is always to carry a boiler so that you may boil the water yourself and hence save yourself from the extra expenses.