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Gokyo Lake Valley Everest Basecamp Trek

A Quick Guide to Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is known globally as the home to the world’s highest peak in the world. A lot of people every year pursue tiresome, yet adventurous journeys just a have a glimpse of the great Mount Everest.Β  However, Mount Everest is just a small part of what Nepal has; it is also home to some of the world’s greatest monasteries and tea-houses. The people you will come across during your trip will be one of the most friendly people you will come across in your whole life.Β  For discovering these great peaks, including the Himalayas, the best way is to travel on your feet and trek through. Best Time to Go That is probably the very first question your mind will have, and the interesting part is, that the answer does not exist, and it depends upon the hiker’s preference. Some people like to trek when the season reaches its end due to the number of hikers decreasing by almost 50%.Β  However, you should avoid the peak of the winter plus the monsoon winds but still be prepared for harsh weather as it does not take very long for the weather to turn the tables.  The most popular time people choose… Read more
10 Ideas to Travel Cheap in Nepal

10 Ideas to Travel Cheap in Nepal

We all need some vacations to come back to work full of energy. You can do several things on your vacation.  One of the best things is to visit the beautiful country, Nepal. Nepal possesses the world’s highest mountain of over 7000 meters which is not only home to the world's most experienced and professional climbers but also a keeper of the beauties and majesties of nature.  Some of you may be wondering that traveling isn’t cheap and costs a lot of money, fear not for listed below are the top 10 ideas through which you can travel in Nepal on an average budget while simultaneously enjoying yourself to the fullest.  Trekking  Most of the visiting places in Nepal are at great heights and usually require a lot amount of money while going via transportation. Hence trekking is the best solution to the problem. If you have sufficient stamina, this won’t be a difficult task for you.  Moreover, you can enjoy it as well since the weather is also either normal or cold. Using Busses  Traveling in Nepal is quite costly. Most of the authorities are familiar with this issue and hence provide bus service to all the essential locations.… Read more