Nepal is known globally as the home to the world’s highest peak in the world. A lot of people every year pursue tiresome, yet adventurous journeys just a have a glimpse of the great Mount Everest.Β 

However, Mount Everest is just a small part of what Nepal has; it is also home to some of the world’s greatest monasteries and tea-houses. The people you will come across during your trip will be one of the most friendly people you will come across in your whole life.Β 

For discovering these great peaks, including the Himalayas, the best way is to travel on your feet and trek through.

Best Time to Go

That is probably the very first question your mind will have, and the interesting part is, that the answer does not exist, and it depends upon the hiker’s preference. Some people like to trek when the season reaches its end due to the number of hikers decreasing by almost 50%.Β 

However, you should avoid the peak of the winter plus the monsoon winds but still be prepared for harsh weather as it does not take very long for the weather to turn the tables. 

The most popular time people choose are from March to May and the end of September to November, but before going, you should always check the weather specific to the location you’re going.

Choosing a Company or Going Alone

There are certain places to hike where you don’t necessarily need a guide or porter; however, some places require having a special permit for which hiring a Nepali guide becomes a necessity. 

Some people hire expensive tour companies which take care of it while some choose a local guide who cost around $30/day. I am not very much in favor of hiring guides unless you are an inexperienced trekker, have children alone, or crave knowledge.

Top Routes for Trekking

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is the place where you will start for most of the routes. Some of the most famous routes are listed below.

  1.  Everest Base Camp

This will on average take you 12-16 days of trekking while you will require a couple of permits so accompany a guide with you.

  1. Gokyo Lakes Trek

Takes usually 11-13 days and goes up to 5400m. Requires permits as well. 

  1. Three Passes Trek

Takes around 20 days and goes up to a whopping height of 5540m. Also requires permits. 

  1. Annapurna Circuit

Also requires permits, and goes up to 5416m. Takes around 15 days of trekking.

Food and Accommodation

The food usually found in Nepal is quite cheap but more vegetarian. The common meals include Nepalese dumplings and lentil soup. However, western types of food can also be found in inexpensive restaurants.Β 

Usually, the accommodation is in the form of small tea shops which are okay-ish and not very expensive due to the limited facilities of toilet and electricity available.Β 

As you go up, it may become less western-like, and they may charge you extra for hot water and electricity.

Gears and Equipment

You must prepare your gear list months in advance and buy them well before you go hiking. You don’t want to reach there and end up buying some uncomfortable shoes. 

So, it should be prepared and tested in advance so you can make the most of your trip.